40% of risk of fatal bowel disease is inherited

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Health crisis hidden in modern diet and lifestyle

In a country grappling with growing health issues, diverticular disease has emerged as an important, but often overlooked, factor. This is a disease that is divided into two main types: diverticulosis and diverticulitis, and its effects range from discomfort to life-threatening complications. In this context, it is undeniable that colorectal health is directly linked to […]

Your Path to Wellness: Experienced Gastroenterologist in Agra

Experienced Gastroenterologist in Agra

Maintaining good digestive health is crucial for overall well-being. Whether you’re experiencing gastrointestinal issues or seeking preventive care, finding an experienced gastroenterologist in Agra is essential. With the right specialist, you can address digestive concerns effectively and embark on a path to wellness. This blog will serve as a comprehensive guide to maintaining a healthy […]

Mild and severe, diet etc.

Diverticulitis occurs when a sac protrudes from the wall of the colon, causing inflammation. Common treatments for diverticulitis include antibiotics, a clear liquid diet, other dietary changes, and surgery. Diverticulosis is a disease it occurs when A sac, or sac, forms within the colon and pushes outward. This bag is called a diverticulum. Diverticulitis occurs […]

Changes in diet and lifestyle can reduce gastrointestinal disease

The pain caused by diverticular disease can be so painful that your intestines burst. Just ask one of the approximately 130,000 people in the United States who are hospitalized with this disease each year, or one of the 1.5 million hospital outpatients who come to the hospital each year with a tummy tuck. The National […]

Inherited genes are associated with increased risk of intestinal diverticular disease

Researchers at the University of Queensland have used genetics to show that much of the risk of developing a common and sometimes fatal bowel disease is inherited. Dr Yeda Wu and Professor Naomi Ray from the UQ Institute of Molecular Biosciences are investigating the role of intestinal diverticular disease (DivD), an overlooked and under-studied disease […]