Dr Himanshu Yadav is best liver cancer surgeon in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. In last 12 years he has achieved very high success in treating the liver cancer patients from all over the country. Dr Himanshu treats liver cancer with the help of latest technology to remove the cancer tumor from liver. ICU facility is also available which sometimes provide extensive support to critical patients in the hospital during treatment or surgery. Liver cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the liver. Some cancers develop outside the liver and spread to the area. However, only cancers that start in the liver are described as liver cancer. Liver cancer consists of malignant hepatic tumors in or on the liver. For people who have early-stage liver cancer that can be treated, only surgery that removes the tumors completely will lead to a chance of recovery.

Symptoms of Liver Cancer:

Surgical Treatment of Liver Cancer: Options include the following:

Partial hepatectomy: Surgery to remove part of the liver is called partial hepatectomy. This operation is considered for a single tumor that has not grown into blood vessels. It is only an option in patients with good liver function who are healthy enough for surgery. Inappropriately, most liver cancers cannot be completely removed. Often the cancer is in too many different parts of the liver, is too large, or has spread beyond the liver. People with cirrhosis are eligible for surgery only if the cancer is small and they still have a reasonable amount of liver function left.

 Liver transplant:When it is available, a liver transplant may be the best option for some people with small liver cancers. Liver transplants can be an option for those with tumors that cannot be removed with surgery, either because of the location of the tumors or because the liver is too diseased for the patient to withstand removing part of it. In general, it is used to treat patients with small tumors (either 1 tumor smaller than 5 cm across or 2 to 3 tumors no larger than 3 cm) that have not invaded nearby blood vessels. With a transplant, not only is the risk of a second new liver cancer significantly reduced, but the new liver will function normally.

Treatment for incurable Tumors:Advanced liver cancer has an extremely low survival rate. However, there are steps to treat cancer symptoms and slow the growth of the tumor.

Treatment options may vary, depending on the type of liver cancer.


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